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Siem Reap Virtual Tour Lives from siem reap

Siem Reap City Hidden Gems Guided Tour 

This is a 3 hours tour around Siem Reap activities you may be looking at doing to kickstart your Siem reap travel when you first arrive in this city or you may have some time left before your flight out to your next destination and wonder what else to do and light sightseeing at the same time learning and experience about our local's way of life, a local hidden gems where you don't get to explore and see by yourself.

The thing to note about our tour: All of our tours are Private Tour  with 100% local guides-drivers from here in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap Virtual Tour Lives from siem reap

Meet Our Best Siem Reap Local Guides 


  • Start off with Old Market and the French Quarter 

  • Check out one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in town dating back to A.D 1371.

  • Royal Palace Residence 

  • Big Bat Park

  • The local hidden monastery with the longest wooden boat that can be accommodating 76 rowers 

  • see how the monk lives and learn about monk life 

  • Local school and tiny village on the way

  • Hidden 10th century Brick Temple (No tickets require)

  • Check out the Satcha Handicraft incubation center

  • Check out Made in Cambodia Market (Local enterprise)

  • Option to check out Apopo Rats Center where they teach rats to save lives by clearing the landmines (Tickets 8USD per Person)