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Kampot province top agricultural production

4 important agriculture in Kampot Province, Cambodia. Kampot pepper is a specialized product, protected by GI law, totaling 13 ha and a harvesting area of 10.50 ha located in Domnak Kantoul, Kang Tboung Commune, Kompong Trach District.

Durian, another specialized product totaling 537 ha and yielding 10,657 tons located in Makbrang Commune, Tek Chhou district.

Rubber, plantation area: 20 ha.

Kampot sea salt is extracted from the seawater through salt evaporation ponds in the coastal areas of Kampot and Kep provinces #visitkampot #kampot #cambodia

Kampot, Cambodia
Cambodia’s Rubber Plantation

Kampot, Cambodia
Cambodia’s Peppers
Kampot, Cambodia
Cambodia’s Durain

Kampot, Cambodia
Cambodia’s Sea Salt

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